Magpul Core Blog


By Caylen Wojcik

The mission of Magpul CORE is simple: to project the founding principles of Magpul Industries Corporation to the customer, and to be the nexus of design and employment when developing new products. This mission is accomplished through a variety of channels such as firearms and adventure training courses, media and communications outlets, end-user interaction, and a relentless daily drive to improve.

This ethos generates a tremendous amount of information. Knowledge and experience; successes and failures. All are valuable in their own way. This information has no value if hidden away, and the Magpul CORE Blog is our outlet to share.

The good, bad, and ugly moments of life away from the comforts of home.


Fitness is a vital and often ignored part of all things related to life.  Whether you’re a military or law enforcement professional, firearms enthusiast, hunter, or a concerned citizen you’ll find information on optimizing physical performance.


Hard use and real feedback. Critical evaluation of the details drives constant improvement.


Challenging skills, equipment, and people in a realistic environment, competition is the proving ground for readiness.

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